• MATM2014 - 3rd international conference METHODOLOGICAL ASPECTS OF TEACHING MATHEMATICS is to be held at the Faculty of Education in Jagodina on 14th and 15th June 2014.

  • Faculty of Education in Jagodina continues a centennial tradition of teacher education in Jagodina. The Faculty offers study programmes for qualifying as a class teacher, pre-school teacher and boarding-school teacher. It has participated in a number of international projects and developed a wide cooperation network with European universities and institutions of higher education. The Faculty of Education in Jagodina is the leader in reforming activities going on at faculties of teacher education in Serbia.

  • “I toured the whole world, but could not find a place like Jagodina” – the words of Jovanca Micic, the famous character from the comedy of Branislav Nusic “Around the World”. Jagodina is a city located in central Serbia, 136 kilometres south of Belgrade...

MATM 2014

Conference Organizing Committee Address

Faculty of Education in Jagodina
Milana Mijalkovica 14
35000 Jagodina

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